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Cleaning Tips

Squeeky wood floors? Sprinkle corn starch or baby powder on them, sweep into cracks, then damp wipe up the excess! Viola, no more squeek!

1 cup of your favorite fabric softener and 3 cups water in a spray bottle makes a customized and much cheaper than Fabreeze.

Toothpaste works great to clean your jewelry.

To get mold and mildew stains out of walls....first scrub with bleach water then spray the area with athlete's foot spray.

Peroxide will take blood out of clothes!

Got dog or cat hair on your carpet or furniture? Spray on some fabric softener - let it dry - and then vacuum. Hair comes off easier, and it also leaves your room smelling nice.

Use toothpaste to fill in holes left by screws and nails before painting...makes walls look like new...old army trick

if you also use 1qt. hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon of dish soap, 1qt. vinegar-rinse with water and you can get smells out like magic! I got it from myth busters when they tried to de-skunk themselves. I figured if it gets rid of skunk smells it should get rid of everything else.

hair spray works to get ink off of leather & chicken wing sauce out of t-shirts..

To get the smell of cigarettes out of your car, place news papers under your seats, when out of the car with windows up, and it will pull the smell, you will never know there was a smoker in the car.

Clean your bathroom mirror with a little shaving cream and it won't fog up when you shower.

Use mayonnaise to remove road tar from shoes or car

#1 cleaning solution: call Maid It House Cleaning @ 314-568-7066


Take 1 cup of baking soda and pour it down the clogged drain. If it does not all go down, that is okay. Just pour the rest around the top of the opening. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar, that you have heated for about two minutes in the microwave, into the drain. The mixture will foam up. Let it sit for about five to ten minutes, then turn the faucet on high, preferably hot water, to flush out the clog. If there is a severe build up, you may have to repeat the process.

Votives and other candle holders that have old melted wax stuck in them? Instead of scraping and chiseling, put them in the freezer for a few hours. The wax will just pop out.

To light a candle thats wick might be too small, use a raw piece of spaghetti!!!!! It lights and works fabulously!

After frying fish try boiling a pot of water with cinnamon. After 10-15 minutes your house will no longer smell like fish but like cinnamon!

WD40 is great for getting scuff marks off vinyl flooring.

To clean the mold along caulked/grouted floors in the shower. Use cotton on a rope (like hairdressers use for perms) or line with cotton balls, soak with bleach and let sit. This is much more effective than just spraying with bleach cleaner.


Throw your vinyl shower curtain in the washer with some bleach and detergent, it will come out looking and smelling new. i always wipe mine with pledge furniture polish after wards so the clean lasts longer.


Car doors stick or freeze shut in the winter? Get a tube of Syl Glide, available at auto parts stores. This is a silicon based lube (and it must be silicone base, petroleum base will eat your seals). Put a small amount on your fingertips and apply to your door/trunk/hood seals and not only won't they freeze, it will also keep them from drying out with age and cracking or rotting. Make sure to wipe up any excess, it's messy stuff.


For cleaning white shoes use shaving cream and magic erasers! We use it all the time in marching band and it really works well!


For those beautiful cakes you have at parties, use dental floss to cut the cake. This way you don't get icing smeared all over and the cake still looks beautiful.